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Hello Cliff; So great to see you perform at Brenda's backyard birthday party in July, and her husband Danny - totally surprised. Hostess was her sister Beverley. We can post your info about your upcoming performance in November, in Point Edward, on the OntBlueCoast.com website. I have a conflict on my calendar, wish I could be jammin with you. Let us know if you have any further questions, cheers, Shelley 1-800-265-0316
I haven’t seen you since you played at my mothers bedside before she passed August of last year. My family, friends, & I are coming to see you tomorrow at Hamlin and I’m most definitely looking forward to it!
Spent the most fun evening with you, Cliff in Camlachie tonight. The fact that your musical and vocal abilities are superb is a given as soon as you begin to play and sing. It is your personality that truly draws people into your musical world. You are a real entertainer. I love the richness of your voice and your ability to morph from one era to another. Such talent. Hope to see you next time you are back in town.
Spent the most fun evening with you, Cliff in Camlachie tonight. The fact that your musical and vocal abilities are superb is a given as soon as you begin to play and sing. It is your personality that truly draws people into your musical world. You are a real entertainer. I love the richness of your voice and your ability to morph from one era to another. Such talent. Hope to see you next time you are back in town.
Cliff, thank you for a great show/ evening, December 20th, 2018 Music under the stars ⭐️ On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11. I’m Looking forward to working with you again hopefully in the near future. Henriette Khoury, Event Planner.
Thanks for the impromptu set at the airport when checking in for your flight. That was a lot of fun and my god you are talented.
Enjoyed front row privileges at the Dunkirk Firehouse last night. Thanks for a great evening! Best, Betsy
I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me make some memories with my sister in her final days. Thank you for singing to her - " Sunshine on my shoulders " and "Let it be" as well as some Cliff favorites "Here comes the sun" and "Lean on me" The memories are something my family will treasure forever. She passed away less than two days later. Your music has always been special to us. Giving your time and talent is a kindness that I will always be grateful for.
used to see you at the redfox many years ago also the guildwood inn enjoyed your cruise videos glad to see that you are doing so well brings back many happy memories
Joe and I really enjoyed your performance at Darryl's party last night. Thank you!
Cliff Just came across your website.I have great memories of watching and singing with you at the Red Fox in Port Huron 75-78 and Munchies in Sarnia early eighties.Cover of the Rolling Stone was my goto song with you LOL.Moved from the area and lost track.Please put me on your email list as I would be very intersted in seeing you in concert again when you are in the GTA or Barrie.Your ability to get the the entire audience to sing along at full throtle is something I have not seen from any act since. Thanks for the memories Cliff Paul Stirrett
Great show at Andiamo's opening for America. It was a pleasure meeting you after the show as well. We will be watching for any future appearances in our area.
Cliff, Great show last night. Good to see you again. Tell the Gibson's we said hi.
Hey, great job at Stone Creek. Cannot believe the sound you get out of that 12 string - awesome. And nice diverse play list. Your attribute, IMO, is that you make the song sound like the original. Most of the 'tribute' groups I have heard do not! Glad you got out of the bars and are "living the life" - Thanks for and enjoyable evening.
Cliff, Thanks so much for allowing me to sing with you at Stone Creek, the day before my reciprocal 27th birthday. I had been fighting a cold with an antibiotic for 3 days...but singing with you on stage freed me up. I've sung since I was 5 years old, so when I can't sing I'm miserable but your invite tonight freed me up. I've done solo work, been an ETA, lead choirs and direct the Stone Creek Glee Club. Keep the folks smiling and feeling positive brother. It's a real ministry of entertainment that you have. Hope to see you again on your next swing-by. God bless ~ Bill Benson
Wonderful two nights at the Union in Kalamazoo. Cliff's rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" brought tears our guest's eyes.
Thank you for the fantastic show at The Rainbow Connection Christmas party on December 13th.Awesome show!!!!!!
Cliff is the best,I want to thank him for a job well done. Hope I get to see more of him in the future.
Great show at Hamlin
Please put me on your mailing list. Would love to see you when you are in Ontario. My husband and I are huge fans from back in the 80's when you were performing on the university circuit. You performed for some alumni when they closed "the Rat" at McMaster University. Great times and great memories!
Saw you last night at the Legion in Forest. To simply comment , you are amazing! I have watched America's Got Talent and you exceed so many of those contestants. Just a thought. Ever thought of auditioning? Anyway I just want to let you know that I haven't been entertained like that for a long time. Thanks so much. Rick's wife Karen Take care, Rick.
What fun we had tonight at Tate's Tableaux in Barrie, ON! Thanks for bringing your brand of terrific musicianship, lively comedy and friendly interaction our way. It felt like we all DID go back to your house! Please add me to your mailing list. If you're back in Ontario again, I'd like to know. Cheers!
What a pleasure to hear and sing a small bit and hit a few high notes with Cliff at the Lexington RV park. First time I've heard him. He's amazing.
Hi Cliff, You made our 39th wedding anniversary so memorable! It was absolutely amazing to see you again after 32 years. Your show was better than ever!!! You were so kind to remember us...we will certainly never forget you, and hope to get on your email list! Also, thanks for saying you will send me the date and place you will be playing in Montreal area (sometime in the future). Michael's cousin Joanne is beyond excited so I hope its sometime soon (lol)!!!!
Hi Cliff Look forward to hearing you again Maybe in a duo format!? Play on
Great show at Heritage Ranch. We hope to see you in Croswell when we come up to our lake house in Burtchville Twp this summer.
Hi Cliff! I am a student ambassador from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus! I am a friend of Rick Zavitz, as well as attended your show in Dresden, Ontario! You were an amazing artist and really knew how to entertain the crowd of any age! We have an orientation week that runs in the beginning of September. I was wondering if you were busy at that time and what the total cost would be, so I can run it by Student Council! If you can get back to me by next week, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Amanda Storrey
Saw your show at Highland Fairways this evening and I was fantastic. I do not live there but have friends that do and it was through them that I got a ticket and was SO entertained. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Hi Cliff, just checked your Naples schedule. How are we suppose to come see you if they are all "Private"? Happy for you, not good for us!! Cindy
Just a week since "Cruising with Cliff" on the Norweigen Epic and we're going through withdrawal! It was so great being able to listen to you sing on so many days, and every performance was engaging, upbeat and amazing. Can't wait to see you again in Michigan!
you were great on the epic .you have left me singing your tunes .made the cruise fun
Hello, Cliff!!! Mom and I were watching some of your YouTube performances and just had to say "hello"!! Hope all is well with you and your family. It's been forever since we worked at Capstone. I'm in Indianapolis now performing and writing. Life is fantastic!! Write when you are able. Have the happiest of Holidays! Jeff Bowen
Hi Cliff! It's been at least 25 years since I last saw you - back in the mid 80's! London and Sarnia..ice cream after the show..good times. I was hoping Penelope could join us tonight, but she's in T.O. Looking forward to catching up at Shoeless Joes tonight!
Spoke with you last Thursday about preforming at Mid City volunteer luncheon on Nov 15th.I can be reached by email or 810 - 982-9261. This is to honor those who serve at the Soup Kitchen and it would be an honor to have you preform.
I saw you for the first time Friday last week in Sarnia, one of the most enjoyable evenings in a long time. It was very entertaining, I will be looking out for you in the future.
We really enjoy your singing and want to keep track of you!
had a blast at Jack Doyles, Thanks Cliff
My future wife and I saw you at the Red Fox in 1976. We were just dating at the time and i cant remember how we heard about you but we were hooked! Now we have been married 38 years and just discovered you again at Steiss' sat nite. As always you were fantastic and we will follow you and see you again soon. Thanks for the memories!
Saw u at red fox in 76 dating my girlfriend/now wife of 38 yrs. just saw u at Steiss' and remembered how good u r!!
I saw you as the warm up act at '1964 The Tribute' at Meadow Brook Music Festival and you were great! Loved your set, both your musical ability and your interaction with the audience which is key to getting everyone 'warmed up.' Rock on!
Its been a while Mr. Erickson. I'm hoping to come and see you when you are in Amherstburg. Until then, all the best. Chris Grantee
Love your shows. Been a fan for over thirty years
Thanks Cliff, I really enjoyed your performance last night at the Lake Inn. I know the gathering was small but that made it even more enjoyable. We got to hear some songs you don't usually play. your fans - Uncle Jim, Aunt Marcie AND Bryan
Hi Cliff, I just looked at your Naples schedule. I have to work until 5 St. Patricks so I will miss the show! :-( I don't see any other public shows....correct? Please let me know...would really like to see you in Naples!! Be well, Cindy
We heard you play several times and joined your group on the Norwegian Epic for your private afternoon session. We are so looking forward to seeing you in Naples this month!
One of the best performers I've ever heard. I am the one who sang the lion sleeps tonight in amhersburg Ontario with you and it was an honour. Thank you for the guitar pick you inspired me to pick up my grandfathers guitar again and start playing.
Cliff I miss the times at Four Greenfields!! Hope we can get you out to our side of town again!!
I saw you for the first time at Andiamo Celebrity Showroom and was absolutely blown away. I will be at the Lake Inn when you come to Lapeer and I am so looking forward to it. Your wife is a lucky woman to have someone so in love with her as to compose such a beautiful love song.
Just saw your show at the "quay". Great fun! I brought a friend, Paul McLoone, who is currently the lead singer for the famous Northern Ireland group "The Undertones". They had several hit songs...including my favorite "Jimmy Jimmy". Paul said he loved your musical abilities but most of all he enjoyed your tremendous talent to entertain.; and we were surely entertained!
Just saw you at Doyles in Sarnia last night.( I was the guy that asked you if you had a website. ( My wife made me do it ) Great show as always. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hi Cliff, long time no see! we will be doing something about that. Until then wishing you and yours the very best this season has to offer
Hi Cliff, met you on the Epic last week 11/30/14-12/7/13 enjoyed your singing so much. Frank and I tell everyone you made our cruise so enjoyable without you it wouldn't have been great at all. With much friendship Frank and Millie Cwynar 787 Poland Ave. Struthers, OH 44471
Had the opportunity to hear you play/sing on the Epic cruise this past week. Awesome show! I love the fact that you kept on singing... the show must go on.... as the ship was listing/leaning on Thursday evening!!!!
Saw you on the Norwegian Epic week of 11/30-12/7- we were really impressed and now have become fans. You play a wicked guitar.
The girl with lots of personality, that ran off the stage and hid under a table! LOL :)
Enjoyed the show at the PIX on Nov. 9. It was thoughtful and entertaining as always. I didn't get to request some of my fav Beatles tunes (Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Rocky Raccon) maybe next time you are at the Lake Inn. Thanks again.
Thank you, Cliff, for letting my daughter, Rachel, sing a duet with you at the Pix last night. You both were awesome!
Always, awesome show!!! Had a great time
Been attending your performances for years, whenever I get a chance whne you come to London and Sarnia. Always great entertainment, and a wonderful evening. THANKS Cliff.
Cliff-Just saw your show for the first time at Hamlin. Great energy, good songs, good time. Hope to catch you at Santia's.
Cliff- another great performance given on Labour Day Weekend, KOA. This was I about the 17th year I have seen you and you just get better every year. I want to book you for a private party.
My dad is Harry Byrnes I see we are related.
Just reminiscing about my University days - Huron Hall in Windsor.. great blurry memories..lol Hope to catch a show some time!!
wow, you are wonderful. wish I lived closer so I could be a groupie. :-) Sal
Cliff It was great to see you at the Riding Club The venue was amazing and so were you as usual Was such a great time ! Gwen
Loved the show! It was nice to finally meet you since Rich has been bragging about you for years!
When I first met you back in the 80's, I thought you were a tremendous entertainer. Thirty years later, you've not disappointed. You are the consummate entertainer. Your music and style has raised the bar for those to follow in your foot steps. It's a pleasure to say I know you. Keep them in awe my friend.
Thanks for letting me sing Jambalaya with you at The Union on Friday May 24. I was in Kzoo from Kentucky visiting family. We all had a blast. Can't wait until our next visit.
Hey cliff, Steve T here. Formerly from Hamlin pub and club 22. We recorded you look wonderful tonight. Saw your site and wanted to say hi. Married living in Illinois just outside Chicago. Out of the business but still playing. In the medical field, remarried to the mist amazing woman on the planet. Entertainment director for smallville fest .. New superman movie filmed in our town of Plano, il. Etc etc etc.. And playing with church band... Progressive non-denominational church music like citizens way. Hit me back when you have a chance .. Hope you are doing well and still cutting curtains with your music.... Ciao and God bless
Enjoyed your show last weekend at the KOA, even more I really liked playing your guitar!
I sang Jambalaya with you Friday night May 24, 2013 at the Union in Kalamazoo. I live in Kentucky and was there visiting family. We had a blast that night a really enjoyed your show. Thanks for letting me up on stage.
OMG! We found you! We would frequent The Red Fox in Port Huron In 1978, we would love to see you again sometime. We are living up north of Toronto. Maybe we will to one of your shows in the near future. Hope you are well. Speak of your talent often and wish we had you closer! Best to you Cliff! Cheers! Pete and Cory P
Hope you can make it back to Uxbridge, Ontario. Seeing and hearing you again took us back about 40 years to the days we used to catch your shows at the Harrison Hotel in Port Huron.
look forward to seeing you at the Union this next week
Thank you for playing in Plainwell...we had a great time! A friend of ours who is going through a rough time in his life was able to laugh for a couple of hours. It was great fun . Norm and Kate
We were at Jack Doyles last night and your performance was awesome. You rocked it totally and we'll be back on the 19th of July when you return. We were with my stepson, Jim McNair, the DJ. Thanks for a fantastic evening.
Looking forward to Wed., April 24th at Hamlin Pub....gonna bring a few first timers to see your show....always fun to watch your performance !!!
Really enjoyed your performance at the Naples Beach and Tennis Club. It was cold and windy but you were the Highlight of our trip.
Hi Cliff, We had such a great time with you on St. Patrick's day and at the Naples Beach Bar. You are such a talented, fun, musician. Thanks for letting me come and sing with you!! I loved it!
2013 St. Patty's day at McCabb's in Naples was one of the best shows I've seen and enjoyed. Your stage presence is wonderful, your repitoire so extensive and really love your playing on the 12 string. Look forward to catching more shows. Best wishes, one of the 4 dancing girls, Barbara
Your Schalamar Creek Show was outstanding. When you return nextyear, as the word spreads, it wll be standing room only. I apologize for "best show ever or $6" you caught me by surprise. Greatest 12 string guitar player ever and best entertainment I have had in my 73 years. Future audiences are in for a treat
Saw your show at Schalamar Creek. VERY GOOD, Hope they can have you back next year
Great show in Kalamazoo last night! Had a blast! Hope you make it back to town again!
My friends and I would travel across the boarder from Sarnia , ON and head to the Red Fox to watch Cliff in the late 70s. We LOVE you and have soooo many fun memories. Only one bad ...when you anounced you were getting married... After the devistation we wished you well and continued to enjoy years of fun watching and sometimes singing on stage with you I have not seen you perform in 30 some years . I recently saw you at JACK DOYLES in Sarnia, it was as if nothing had changed your voice is as soothing and smooth as ever and you have aged well. You are a master of reading a croud and is are an ultimate entertainer. It was a great night. !
Hi Cliff, Greetings from Superior Essex in Fort Wayne! I hope your family had a wonderful holiday season. I saw an article on Steve Perry (http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/stop-the-presses/journey-steve-perry-64-hardest-retiring-man-show-182834075.html) and thought you might find it interesting since we briefly talked about him while at Las Vegas last May. As you probably know by now, Stephen Carter is retiring the first of March and we will miss him tremendously. Many of us drive to our facility in Simcoe Canada which takes us thru the Sarnia entry point. I know you frequently perform in that area. We will watch your calendar and hope to catch up with you on one of those travels. All the best to you! Vicki Thompson
Thanks for playing the songs requested!!! Lots of neat wedding songs, too....will have to have my daughter come one night....
Thanks for playing the songs requested!!! Lots of neat wedding songs, too....will have to have my daughter come one night....
hey Cliff! we had so much fun performing with you Sunday at the Vintage, sorry i may have been a "little" drunk haha. but you were awesome! everybody enjoyed you! thanks again!!!
i'm a fan now Mr. Erickson. Hope you'll visit Philippines and have your concert here as well. Godbless! =)
As I've been doing for the past several years, I decorated my tree to your Christmas album...It's so earthy and "you." It's like having a friend in the living room singing my favorite traditional Christmas songs right to me! Ty Cliff...God bless you and your family!
Hey Cliff, Thanks for the great show on Nov 22nd I think you did an excellent job of capturing the audience and providing us a very enjoyable evening that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Cliff performed at my wife’s Christmas party and he did a great job of getting people onto the stage to “help” him with songs all while making them feel comfortable while up there. During the show he asks people to shout out random artists, I yelled out, “Frankie Valli”, and without hesitation started with “Sherry”… It was great… We really enjoyed your show, regards Jessica and Emilio
Hello Cliff. Thank you so much for the wonderful performance in our house at our Norwegian party. We enjoyed it so much. Look forward to see you on the member guest at La Playa in March. With regards from Nanna and Paul
Cliff, thank you so much for the great night at the Union last night (Sat).... you are an absolutely wonderful entertainer and I was proud to be able to sing with you ... we will definitely see you soon and I would love to have the opportunity to sing with you again.... Leslie
Enjoyed your show at Kincardine last night- Well done!!
Hi Cliff! We just attended two back to back performances at "The Union" and truly enjoyed your music. We had so much fun and it was because of your talent and personality which made the night! Thank you. Your fans, Nancy and the "Wild Thing," Jane. : )
love your music
I'm a buddy of your golf buddies... Saw you for the first time at the Hamlin Pub last week. What a great time, I knew every song. And you were right about the Peter, Paul and Mary song-- it was on the first album my wife ever bought with her own money so of course she knew every word! -Looking forward to seeing you in Ontario in September!
We'll see you this Saturday at Hamlin. We'll be sitting stageside so make sure to get some extra practice in this week!!
Just wanted to say you were Great at Meadow brook! Though we did miss you and your daughter's duet's like last year. Terrific music artist and hope to see you play in the future! All the best... Kurt & Jennifer...
Cliff, I am involved in The Marine City Music Festival. We just finished our fourth year. At the festival I have come to know John Misaros who has hired you to sing at his 52nd Cass Tech High School reunion at Mario's. He gave me you website address. After review it I intend to share it with The Festival Board for consideration to future festival dates. All the Best James La Londe Marine City Music Festival.com
"aunt Leslie" sang at my brother's wedding last week and did an amazing performance...thanks for getting her up on stage and building her confidence....she is an amazing singer!!!! We will see you soon and hopefully she can get up on stage and sing with you again....
Leslie sang at my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago...she was amazing...thanks to you she was able to get up there and sing her heart out.... Everyone loved her!! We will be attending one of your upcoming events and hopefully you two can sing together again!!!
Thanks for the awesome time at the Union last Thursday, you were incredible... AUNT LESLIE had the time of her life... She would love to do it again.. We will come to see you again real soon.. MARK
Cliff, Thank you for the Johnny Cash at lunch, you were amazing!
enjoyed your performance at the Lake Inn - I'll try to catch the whole thing next time - If I wear a colorful shirt will you play Maxwell's Silver Hammer again?
I have listened to you for the past few years at St. Stephen's Church during Mass and my husband and I always look forward to you being there. You have a very special gift with your singing and I am very thankful that you chose to share your gift with us. Thank you.
Wonderful concert at heritage ranch. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. Hope you can return sometime for a payed performance. Good luck on your endeavors.
Wonderful concert at heritage ranch. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. Hope you can return sometime for a payed performance. Good luck on your endeavors.
Wonderful concert at heritage ranch. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. Hope you can return sometime for a payed performance. Good luck on your endeavors.
Hey Cliff: Really enjoyed seeing/hearing you @ the Naples Beach Club! Great seeing folks from "home"! Glad Terri and my nephew could be there too! Definitly will be back to see you when you return to Naples-take care, Cindy
Hi Cliff long time great to see you are doing what you do Better then anyone! I am sure you do not remember me but I will always remember you .
Hey Cliff, Wow. That was the best Tuesday night sing-a-long at McCabe's Irish Pub in Naples, ever! It was great fun. Thanks for sharing a song on stage with me. You are an excellent entertainer. Sincerely, Ben from Boston
Carol and I saw Bill & Donna Blais at the Everglades Seafood Fest yesterday. I have your calendar and we will see you somewhere down here. Maybe we can play a round of golf, or two. See you in sunny Florida.
Loved seeing you once again in St. Clair last week-end! As always, our whole table enjoyed your show and are already on Tony to save our table at your show in March at Quay St. Thanks again
Pat and I just got home from seeing Million Dollar Quartet great show if you ever bring your keyboard when we are there and do Whole lot of shakin goin on we will be your dancing girls......Pat
Hey Cliff, Great to see you at Gigs after too may years. Sorry to hear that the Cali schedule was postponed but sure that quick draw will have you down soon. Cheers and thanks for being a part of the memory bulding...
Hey Cliff: I can still remember way back in the 70's when you would pack the ole red fox tavern in port huron, you had to wait in line to get in!Seems everyone aged except you! see ya saturday!
For all you displaced northerners, we are trying to find some appropriate venues for Cliff down here in the Charlotte NC area. Any suggestions?
Hi Cliff, As first timers to your show on Friday night at the Union in Kalamazoo, my wife, our friends and myself really enjoyed your show. Your musical talent combined with the crowd interaction made it a memorible evening. Can't wait to see you back in Kzoo in March. Steve
Hi Cliff and Happy New Year! I was wondering when you will be playing in Sarnia, Ontario again? I would love to hear you play :) Pamela
Hi Cliff, Your website is awesome!! I am writing a grant for the school district with the goal of pitching the City of Port Huron as a maritime film destination and PHASD's film studio as its filming incubator in order to generate funds for the school district. The film is going to be about my grandfather's experience as the Captain of the Willis L. King steamer when it collided with the Superior City steamer and the ship exploded and 29 people perished (much like the Edmund Fitzgerald where 29 people died in this shipwreck). Of course everyone knows about the Edmund Fitzgerald, but only the family members of the crew know about my grandfather's shipwreck. Anyway.....if we get the grant, would you be interested in possibly letting use one of your songs. You know I love all of your songs, but the one you wrote about your son is my all time favorite. My grandfather brought his son on the ship and they couldn't find him right after the collision, so this might be a place where the song would fit. What are your thoughts on being involved? I am preparing the budget for the grant at this time, so would you have a ballpark figure that I could insert for using at least one of your songs? Thanks!!! Martha
I enjoyed your show so much!!! Your a great guy and a wonderful entertainer. God bless you. Love Lisa Hickman
Hey Cliff - Sitting at work on a boring Friday afternoon listening to your Christmas CD over my computer speakers for the 2 time today. The technicians that work for me just love it and I really can't listen to it enough myself. Merry Christmas to you, Old Friend!
Hi Cliff Just wanted to thank you for a great evening last night. The staff hasn't stopped talking abpout what a great time they had. Have a Merry christmas and hoepfully we can hook up in Fla for some music and golf!
Hey Cliff, just stoppin by to say HI, will see you soon-just retired so now I can take the time--happy holidays!
Well Cliff, the girls and I enjoyed your Christmas CD as we decorated my tree. Thanks again for making it...love all the old fashioned songs that we can all sing along with. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
It was great seeing you and hearing you play again. It's been a while. See you in St. Clair on January 21st.
See you on Tuesday at Red Ox. Sorry I missed you the last time.
Hey, what's going on? My wife and I are living in Arizona and met some guests from Sarnia, in the restaurant where I work. They spoke of always heading over to the "Port" and we were trading stories about where our hang outs were. Well, the Red Fox came up and they spoke of watching you perform down there way back in the "way back days". It just cracked me up because Ed Foley and I spent several "blurry" evenings there. It just brought back some great memories. It would be great to see you in Arizona.
Great show on Fri night twice in thirty year now that has to be a record. thanks for having me up to sing would do it any time your new friend Roger
Hey, I enjoyed our short evening in Nashville at the Wild Horse. Your performance at the Gaylord Hotel was terrific and I really enjoyed your cousin and her husbands music. Great job! Your friend, Ed (Man in Black)
Hey, I enjoyed our short evening in Nashville at the Wild Horse. Your performance at the Gaylord Hotel was terrific and I really enjoyed your cousin and her husbands music. Great job! Your friend, Ed (Man in Black)
Was back to the Spoke at UWO last night after 30 years and there was Rick McGee on stage playing guitar and singing the same songs that we enjoyed in the 70's. Reminded me of your great music that we enjoyed so much at the Elbow room.
Thanks for a GREAT night at The UNION.... My Air Supply serenade rocked! Can't wait to see you again. And I am going to work on a place in GR for you to play!
Cliff- Was a total pleasure meeting you last night at the Andiamo's with America. Spent a few hours listening to your music on line this evening. What a pleasure - what a musician - played along with a few of your tunes....."Mark's Song" = = totally awesome.....look forward to strumming a chord or two or three with you one day in the future. You make me sound like a beginner on guitar...you are an inspiration to pickin it up and taking it serious again. Model 1615...the only way to play! Give me a call when you have some spare time. Plenty of maple and oak to burn in the fire pit. Come on over, there a cold one in the fridge awaiting your arrival. 586-634-8279. "Deep in My Heart" What a tune. Thank you for putting words to feelings I've felt in my own heart. George Adamson
great music cliff
great music cliff
It's Nick. Have not seen you in 10 years. See you Wednesday. Happy to know your still around.
Hi Cliff! I was in the front row last night at Meadowbrook - sitting as you are looking at the stage from the audience, to the left. It has been a long time since I've seen ya. I don't know if you remember ... I used to come up to Hamlin Pub with my friend, Nancy?? Anyway... wanted to tell you how beautiful your daughter is. She has an awesome voice! Great concert....loved 1964 The Tribute.
Cliff, You crossed my mind the other day and I wondered how you were doing. Remember SAC'S pub at the University of Windsor, I was one of the bartenders there. Noticed the pic of you and Harry Chapin was taken there, recognized the stripes on the wall. I see you are doing great, playing DTE. All the bestand if I get a chance will drop by to see you. Catherine
hey uncle cliff just stoppin by to say i love ya hope i see u soon
A lot of years and a lot of water under the bridge since Mass at St. Stephen's with Bob Wurm. Delighted to see you are still on a roll. Mike ONeill
Heard the last few songs you did at The Party for the Planet in Rochester Saturday. Very sorry I didn't get there sooner. Thanks for trying to "Read My Mind".
Hi Cliff, Really enjoyed saturday night great show and what a beautiful talented daughter you have. I know you are proud of her. Pat
Looking for feedback on availability and costs for a show in Guelph, ON in September. This is a conference that is being held.
Sorry I havent been to see you yet. I am really missing the fun evenings rocking out to your talent!!! Hope to see you soon! Love, Karen
Cliff - wanted to find out if you had open date for July 9th - we are having our 40th class reunion PHHS '71, @ MicMorran & wanted to know if you might stop by as a special guest and play a few numbers for us. As event chair, I would like to make this a surprize...so keep this on the down low untill we work out the details. Call me if you can make it and lets have coffee to discuss. Thanks Cliff, 810-334-0975 cell... ~ Gary "BIG RED MEMORIES LAST A LIFETIME"
Cliff, Long time no see! Getting in the playing circuit and wondered if you had any tips for this old Geezer? Piano Pete from Plano, Texas
Great show on Sat. Night for the dart ladies. We all very much enjoyed the show. Let me know when you are in the central Ontario area.
hi cliff al's kid we are coming to see you on may 6th in PH. looking forward to meeting you. lol saralynn N Al too
I was at the Wellington Pub last Wednesday. Heard you play the keyboard. Loved the music. Going to ask again for Deep Purple-the song. Not the rock group Deep Purple. I hope that is not what you thought I was asking. I think it would be beautiful on the keyboard. Listening now on my computer to big band renditions of the song. I hope to see you again soon.
HI, If possible can you bring your keyboard Wednesday please and thank you. Pat
Dear Cliff: Your program tonight was wonderful and all my friends at Eagle Creek said you were the best. Of course I already knew that! Your entertainment tonight was the wonderful. Please keep in touch. Callista, (Dons better half) Callista Flaherty Milroy
I have not seen you play since 1994 at the university of Windsor. I'll see you April 15th in London.
I very much enjoyed your performance at the Sterling Heights, MI Senior Coffee House.  I did not know until I heard you play, that guitar music could be so beautiful. Maybe it depends on the quality of the guitar and the skill of the player.  Thank you for coming and I hope to hear you again.
Cliff our group reall enjoyed your show at the Sterling Heights Coffee House Series last night. You need to cut a new cd and include Don't You Feel Like You're Dreaming. It is an awesome song. Thanks for a super evening. In Peace, Gary
Cliff- Imlay City wants you back! Still going strong after all this time!
Cliff you have a venue, that is a show stopper, excellent music selection, good when you hit the chantham-kent area again, as the legends have taught us "keep on rockin in the free world" sincerly Big Mike
Cliff, My bridesmaids took me to the 402 Motor Inn in Sarnia almost 26 years ago for my Stagette. You were playing that night and about half way thru your show, you stopped to congratulate a bride-to-be named Stacey on her wedding to her fiancé Mark who was having his stag that same night. I was pretty shy and was so embarrassed that you mentioned my name on stage. You then turned to another girl in the bar and asked her to stand up. It wasn’t me! It was all so strange to have another Mark and Stacey getting married the same day as us, both having their stag and stagette the same night and both stagette’s being held in the same club! Of course we called her and her bridesmaids over to our table which was right up front and we spent the rest of the night celebrating together. It was one of my most memorable nights and it was all because of your wonderfully entertaining show. You had us on stage a few times as well singing Green Aligators, but I am pretty sure the other people in the bar were very happy when we sat down!! I just heard you are in Sarnia once in while so we are watching for you. It would be great to hear you again!
Just listened to "Deep In My Heart". You sound wonderful.
Hi Cliff, Love the new website! Hooray...you're coming to our side of town tonight at Art and Jake's in Washington. See you there! Happy New Year!
Hi Cliff. Do you remember me? Port Huron 1976 - Solo gig at Boardwalk & Parkplace. Jennifer Darhling just found me on facebook. I'm going there now to friend you, if you let me. Thanks, Paulette
We really enjoyed your performance at the Quay tonight.
Had fun watching you on YOUTUBE in Westland on 1/1/11. Watched them all !!
Met you before the birthday party at the Sarnia Golf Club on Dec.28th Cliff.We'd like to come out and here you perform; can you let me me know if you play anywhere regularly, or if you have an engagement in a public setting? Loved your voice and music. cheers
Once again heading up to Michigan from Charlotte. Planned my trip so I could stop and see you play at the Wellington Pub. Helps make the long drive a little more bearable. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.
Like your new site...really love your Christmas CD...listen to it often...Thank you for sharing the traditional christian songs. Merry Christmas -- Mel
Hi Cliff... Just wanted to say thanks for the Christmas album. It has become my favorite...love the traditional christian songs...not to mention your nice clear voice! Merry Christmas to you and your family -- Mel
Hey Cliff.....;. Your new site is more organized in it's presentation and I like the way the pics are displayed on the pages, much easier to follow. Rating AAA
We enjoyed your show at Norm's on Friday night, I enjoyed you many times at the Forest Sands Hotel, we had just missed you on Friday and had to leave alittle earlier. We were sitting with Keith Douglas and his wife and friends. I wanted to ask you how your wife is doing, since I had talked to you a couple yrs. ago to play at my Breast Cancer Banquet in Wallaceburg, Merry Christmas to you and your family.
We enjoyed your show at Norm's on Friday night, I enjoyed you many times at the Forest Sands Hotel, we had just missed you on Friday and had to leave alittle earlier. We were sitting with Keith Douglas and his wife and friends. I wanted to ask you how your wife is doing, since I had talked to you a couple yrs. ago to play at my Breast Cancer Banquet in Wallaceburg, Merry Christmas to you and your family.
We used to go listen to you play in Sarnia. Always been a fan. Hope to see you again some time.
Hi Cliff: Thanks for coming back to Sarnia last night-good show! Dave is sorry he couldn't make it....please let us know when you are playing in Sarnia again! And soon please!
It was a great surprise to walk in to Gig's after the Knight's game and see you up on stage! Though college days are blurry (the 70's), I sure remember going to the Spoke at UWO or to Port Huron to see you. Watching you up on stage was like stepping back in time....and you haven't missed a beat, or note!! Cheers.
Thanks Cliff, for taking the time to offer your advice and encouragement to my daughter, Katy, on Fri Nov 19 at GIGS in London. She got to see in person, how a great entertainer really connects with an audiance and creates "a great night out". She has just started her music career as you know, and it really is, such incredibly good fortune that she got a chance to meet a man and a musician of your calibre. I can only hope one day she will be able to inspire young musicians they way you have inspired her ! BTW I figured out that Youtube issue and we ordered that book ! Thanks Cliff Martin & Katy Carswell
Hi Cliff and Jimmy: Thanks for a great night Nov. 19 at Gigs in London....you are a true entertainer and a class act. It was so great hearing our daughter Shauna sing with you along with brother-in-law Bob (Roy) and his daughter Tanya...See you Feb. 4 at Gigs...Dale and Dianne
Hi Cliff..just wanted to thank you again for another great show. Have seen you at Gigs in London ON.. everytime you've be been there..amazing entertainer you are. We spoke briefly at the end of the night.( I asked about how you tune your 6 vs. the 12 Ovation)..(bla bla).Jimmy was kind enough to yak at me tween tunes ..good man Jimmy...I didn t want to bother you.Any way thanks again..see you in Feb.
Hey Cliff, You Rock! I'll be bringing my dad to see you at the Union December 4. He;ll be visiting from WA State. I've been trying to get him here while you're playing the Union for the past couple years. Music got us through many hard times together growing up. Every time I hear you play it takes me back and reminds me of what music can do for people. Wondering if you know the hot rod lincoln song? I think I could get him to come up and sing it with you. He's just an average guy that likes to sing nothing fancy about him. Former tucker with a love for acoustic guitar & mandoline. He'll love hearing your show.
Hi Cliff! Hope you and your family are all well. We are great here in Georgia. Some day we will get back to Michigan and come see you perform. Now that the kids are gone, we can travel more. Take Care, The Brinkers
My friends and I spent friday Oc. 15/10 listening to Cliff. It was like old times. My how have 20yrs gone bye. Cliff you still have the gift of music, fellowship and your kindness is deeply appreciated. My friends and I had the most wonderfull time and are looking forward to come out and se you in Canada again. God bless You for being You
It was great to see you back home Cliff. Your show was outstanding and I will see you again....tell Nori I said HI...take care....Russ
Enjoyed your program at the Postmaster's Convention at Grand Rapids, Michigan. You sat at our table
Hi Cliff this is the email to remind you to send the demo for me to send to my son, Nick. He will be in town this coming weekend. As usual, we had fun at Quay Street. You are amazingly talented! Pam
Cliffy-bring money tomorrow!!
Cliff It was great to see and hear you at McMaster yesterday. Brought back wonderful memories of seeing you at the Red Foxx in Port Huron, your gigs in Sarnia and at the Rathskellar at McMaster in the late 70's and early 80's. Too bad it was only an hour yesterday. Nancy and I will have to make the effort to catch a evening pub show next time you and we are in the Sarnia area.
Cliff- After years of coming home from Alumni weekend and telling my husband how great you are, it was nice to be able to show him last night at Four Green Fields. He loved you and can't wait to see you again. Thank you!
Cliff, We came to Wintergarden on Friday night and as usual - you were awesome. It is always an enjoyable evening out hearing you sing. Hope to see you soon! Barb Appolson
Saw you the other night at the Wintergarden with my mom. I think you are great! Happy Birthday Jimmy. You're great too!
Cliff I use to come listen to you at Hamlin Pub and Four Green Fields with my Irish buddy Shawn Flynn...many of your wonderful original songs still come to mind now and then. Being a homeschooling mom has pretty much put the kibosh on my barhopping days, but my husband is taking the kids canoeing for the weekend so I am going to grab a girlfriend and try to come to one of your shows. I can't wait!!! (PS I never knew you were in company of all those greats - Chapin, McLean, Murray....very cool!)
Hey Cliff - enjoyed so many of the songs but can't remember many of the names. Do you record any of your live shows that we could purchase? Or have some kind of song list?
glad to see you are still making people happy with you talent and wit!
glad to see you are still making people happy with you talent and wit!
Great concert at Notre Dame Univ. last week, I was impressed with the way you were able to get the crowd involved.
Great concert at Notre Dame Univ. last week, I was impressed with the way you were able to get the crowd involved.
Please learn "For You" a John Denver song Your voice would do it justice. My husband dies this past September after a 3 1/2 mon. stay in the hospital. That song got me thru the drives and was what I sang to him over and over thru his last hours. Its really emotional. Thanks
Hi Cliff; Saw you many times back in the late 80's at The Elbow Room (UWO). Great memories! You always put on a great show!
Thanks so much Cliff for playing for us old folks at BR. It was great to see u again and look forward to the next show:0)
Great show last night at meadowbrook 7/2/10 loved the music
Hi Cliff, We just saw you at Meadowbrook (7/2/2010) YOU ROCK, TOTALLY ASSUME!!!! We loved every song and your daughter was absolutely wonderful as well, Thanks a ton for the evening, we really enjoyed your performance
Cliff, Loved the show Saturday. We dragged our neighbors in and you now have two new fans. Loved the cover of "Please Come to Boston". We drove home with the top down and the cd playing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" after you did the sing a long version inside. You get both the blame and credit for making 5 middle aged adults take the long way home while singing along to good music.
Cliff, We had an awesome time on Friday night. The show was, as expected, fantasic. You are a superb entertainer. It was wonderful to relive a 1980 SACS pub night. Todd and I appreciated the opportunity to make fools of ourselves onstage. Again, truly memorable and loads of fun. Thanks....Tom
Thanks Cliff for the Johnny Horton song in Downers Grove. It was a great night, all thanks to you!!
Thanks Cliff, listening to u today at St. Marys was heartwarming. Always a good feeling when you put your heart and your remembering the past, what family really is. Good ,, really, thanks.
I din't know if you remember me, it has been a while since I would go to your performances! I lost track of you! Now maybe I can find where you are going to be! Good hearing you again!
Met my wife 15 years ago at Hamlim Pub listening to you jam. Now live in GA and wish we had a "Cliff" here in A-town. Glad to see you are still jamming!
Hey, Cliff, how much do you charge to do a fund raiser for a non-profit?
Hey, Cliff, how much do you charge to do a fund raiser for a non-profit?
Enjoyed your small concert at N D May 26th. Lots of fun.
My boss wants to know if you are available to do our Christmas Party for the senior citizens Wednesday December 8 in Eastpointe.
Great seeing you last night at the Wellington Pub! Thanks for the great time. Ben (aka Elvis) thinks you're unbelievable!
Enjoyed the Sterling Heights performance! You really should listen to Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams. You could do a great job with New York New York (the Ryan Adams song - not the broadway thing).
I was at Norm's tonight ... my birthday!! Thanks for Rocky Raccoon ... never knew it til you sang it almost 25 years ago!! I said my sister says 'hi' ... Lynn Robertson ... she sometimes saw you with Jennifer (Captain Fantastic), Peggy Austin ... many others .. It was awesome seeing you again tonight ... its been about 3 or 4 years! Thanks for a good night!
Sorry we'll miss you on St. Pat's. See you next time at Wilson's!
Seen you in Kalamazoo, Loved your show!
Enjoyed your show last night, thanks.
Hi Cliff, I saw you perform for the first time last night at the Quay in Port Huron, you were fantasti. quite the entertainer. I will be going to Norm's pub in sarnia to get somemore Cliff. Thanks for the entertainment
It was good to see & hear you at the Sarnia Sting game last night. When you played Katherine for us my nine year old daughter said "I think I know this song." I told her "yeah maybe, I used to sing it to you when you were a baby in your crib." Thanks Cliff, see you again.
one of these days I will get to one of your venues. always been a fan
Hello Cliff..just a big thanks..saw you for the first time at Gigs in London..great show..Hope to see you back this way soon
Love your music, Cliff. See you on the golf course soon.
I hope you remember me; I'm Pam Lewis' girlfriend that comes to see you with her often. I need your help. On the 16th we're coming up to Four Green Field's for Pam's 40th bday. There may be a large group so do we need to let them know or can you do something seeing as you've known her a while. She wants to spend her 40th with you so we're all comin!!! Let me know what we can do. Thanks.
Hey Cliff,have I told you lately? Ah,forget it!Have a great New Year.See ya soon. Dale
Hi, I used to listen to you at the Red Fox in Port Huron many, many years ago. I would love to hear you play again. Please let me know when you will be playing in Sarnia again and where. Really looking forward to an evening of Cliff once more.
What can I say Cliff except, "What a Show!!" It was undoubtedly the BEST company party EVER. Everyone in Windsor is talking about it. Thanks Again. See you soon!
We enjoyed your performance at the Hungarian club in Windsor had a great time singin along ...
Hi Cliff, Remember me? You gave me 2 CD's and a poster for my boyfriend Craig for his birthday. Well, he was amazed with the gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Looking forward to seeing you perform again soon. I will keep checking your website. Thanks again, Patti
Cliff baby, Great show in Sarnia Friday night.I was in need of a Cliff hit.You're an inspiration. Claude
Always a great show! Love going to see you!
Hey Cliff, I haven't seen you since the days of playing upstairs at Center Court at the Sherk Complex in Leamington. I used to work there for Chuck & Jamie and I still talk to them both. It would be good to see you down in Leamington again. Center Court is long gone, but I know Jamie's brother-in-law has a nice restaurant down by the lake that you would pack for sure! Great to see you're still singing. One of the greatest! Hope to see you soon!
Cliff, it's been a while, but again you never ever fail to bring great show where ever you go. Thanks Again!!
Great performance in goderich/port Albert last night it brought back a lot of good memories I did not know we have such great talent from our locals
Cliff - Had such a great time last night dancing on stage....Will call you since I do not have a secure email to send my number
Cliff! It's been such a long time...Nashville is treating us well and so is parenthood! We would love to send you a birth announcement but need your mailing address. Hope you and your family are happy and healthy. We reminisce about our wedding and think of your KEY role in the fun often. Lots of love....Paul, Kate and little Max. (email: katehic@gmail.com)
Hi Cliff, It sure was great seeing you and Luce this past weekend! You sounded fantastic as ALWAYS!!! Tell Luce hi for me and wish her luck with her class. Sounds like quite a challenge. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love to you both, Annie
Happy Birthday Cliff!
Hey Cliff how has life been treating you since we last seen each other
Hi Cliff, I came across your site this morning.....VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Very happy to say I knew him way back when......and now. Keep doing the good stuff...you deserve all the accolades :-)
I live in AnnArbor and I sometimes pick-up Real Detroit Magazine at local CoffeeShop. I saw your name and I remembered hearing before. I told Karen about it because I thought u were her friend. I guess Mike heard it too!
Cliff, Donna,Mary and I had a great time wed.night. Hope to hear more soon. your fan Terrie from Texas
Cliff, The girls and I had a great time. Wished we could have stayed longer.
I still can't believe that you met Harry Chapin.
Hi Cliff! Planning a trip back to PH at the end of July and thought I would look you up on Facebook. Love the video of your kids! Good to see you are doing so well! Take care!
I am so excited to see you at Pine Knob! (It will always be Pine Knob to me) We used to come and see you all the time in Rochester and Waterford. You used to let my husband come up and sing with you on stage! I am coming to see you play July 9th! Can't wait! Glad to know that you are still singing and playing!
Hey Cliff....haven't seen you in years! It was always great fun going to see you at Centre Court in the Sherk Complex and even more fun 'opening' for you one time there! I'm living and performing in Tulsa, OK right now and have been touring around the US for about 8 years now. I hope to get to see you perform again very soon! w w w.timnolan-music.com
Cliff, Pleasure meeting you tonight. Like I said, super nice of you to let me play your beautiful guitar. It was a pleasure playing "The Joker" With you hope to catch you agian soon. Youre great buddy!
We love your new songs.When are you coming to Leamington, it has been a long time. I remember working out then coming to listen to you at the sherk centre. Wonderful memories.
Well, well, good to see you're still around. I remember you from early 80s at The U of W pub where I edited the newspaper and worked the front desk. A buddy, Derek, even subbed for you at Munchies. Wonderful days and a wonderful musician well worth the accolades he has received now and then. Best wishes...
cliff- you made my years @ UofW memorable - it been many years since seen you preform - i would make 5 hr trip to windsor to see you again - will check your calendar for the opportunity-
Hay Cliff you remember seeing me at KOA Camp remember me the grand daughter Alyssa. You gave us that thing that says you name. Just telling you I will never forget about you.
Hi! I sang at Rachael's fundraiser. I don't have facebook but I'm begging my parents. Anyway, I think you have a really awesome voice. Bye!
wanna golf this weekend let me know
It was great golfing with you today. I do have a request. Could you donate one of your CDs as a door prize for the SC4 golf outting? GiGi wanted me to ask you today, but I forgot. At least the Wings Won!!! Onto Chi-town baby!
Very Impressive!
Hi Cliff, Nice website! Bravo!! A bientot Christiane
I saw you at Pints and Quarts last night in Muskegon. Come back soon!
hi Cliff, Jen and I were looking g for something to do tonight and no cliff!! the gig outside Dumars sounds great. Miss and love you. your 2 biggest fans
Hey Cliff...I'll be there on Friday. Just wanted to let you know I like the new website. Only problem I have is that the blue font is very hard to read on the black background unless you're at the computer in the dark. Thought I'd share that comment. See you on Friday for the benefit. Should I dig out and where my "Cliff Original" sweatshirt???
My wife and I would like to again thank Cliff for coming and playing at my wife's 50th birthday party. He was a hit! With Cliff's help, we raised over $1,000.00 (and counting) for the Community Foundation of St. Clair County's Access to Recreation Endowment Fund, as well as over $400.00 (and counting) for the SC4 Foundation. We talked to Donna Blay today as we dropped off the doantions to SC4. There is a huge need for scholarships and the money Cliff helped us raise will go to help a needy student get an education at SC4! Again Cliff, thanks a million for your contribution to GiGi's 50th birthday "funraiser". Every one has commented what a get party it was and those who had to miss it are disappointed when hearing how much fun it was, especially with Cliff playing and singing. Cliff, your the greatest!
Your name has been bantered about in our office recently and I wanted to check out this awesome man that is doing a wonderful thing for a family on May 1st in London.
We miss seeing you in Windsor and hope to see you i London for the fund raiser!
We were fortunate enough to be visiting Port Huron this past Sunday (Easter) and were directed to St. Marys to Worship. We heard this wonderful singer (you) and his daughter perform. We enjoyed hearing you so much that we wrote the Parish to find out who you were, they were most gracious and very proud of you. Please let us know if you're performing anywhere in the area anytime soon, we'd love to hear more! Curt & Kelly
Good show last night, nice to meet you.
Hi Cliff: Great to see you at Norm's last weekend. Now I've got your web address, I hope to be able to attend your concerts more often. Brought back a lot of memories of the many good times at the Forest Sands. Keep up the good work! Nancy Anne
Hey Cliff,Last night at the Quay St. Brewery was reminiscent of old times of watching you in University and at home in Wallaceburg or Sarnia. Everyone had an awesome time. It was a great surprise 50th birthday! Thanks again! We'll keep checking your website for future performances. Pat
Hi Cliff, I just wanted to tell you how much my friends and I enjoy watching you play and listening to you! We have enjoyed seeing you at LEAST once a year for the last hmm...18 years? WOW...Im getting old! LOL. Ive always told my friends that I am going to save enough money someday to have you sing at my daughters wedding! I am glad to see your busy and please dont ever stop doing what you're doing! Lynn
I remember you from the Fox Tavern in Port Huron circa 1978 and 1979. I have seen you many times since then. What a lot of fun! Dancing and laughing all the way...
Cliff, I'm 56, look 39, play 6 & 12 string guitar, banjo & mandolin. I've been singin' since I's a baby w/ family, then rock bands, then solo. Recently divorced after 28 yrs, I've gotten back into my music the past 2 yrs. & am better than ever. I've played Bistro, Raven, Junction Buoy, but am looking for something more. I'm a full-time P.E. teacher, so I do have a day job. Any contact &/or help would be appreciated. Con K
Hi, I talked with you briefly at Pebblewood Country Club, Relay For Life Dinner, in Bridgman Michigan. I was the one that played with Buffalo Springfield when Jim Messina was just starting out. Really enjoyed your show. Maybe some time in the near future can catch you again. Here is a couple of hot venues that our going quite strong on this side of the state. fourwindscasino.com (here in New Buffalo) 1/4 mile from my home, and bluechipcasino.com in Michigan City. They just opened a new room and resort/entertainment center there. I can send you a download of one of my arraingment that is on my CD "Just Another Keyboard Picker", "A Path of Least Resistence", If you would like. I midi sequence all my stuff on a Yamaha PSR 740 keyboard. Later and keep Pickin' Just Another Keyboard Picker Reg L. Richardson
I attended the Cancer Society Dinner on 3/10 with my survivor boyfriend. He was so delighted with you that he went to your website and sent me a link so I could hear your song, "Deep in my Heart". Last night this Romeo took me into his arms and romanced me as we danced slowly to the lovely song. I have seen you a few times before and was glad my sweetie enjoyed you, too. Thank you for spreading the love.
Just wanted to let you know the evening at Pebblewood was great - especially because of your entertainment. Had a wonderful time and hope you are there next year.
Just returned home from your performace for the Relay for Life survivor dinner at Pebblewood. Your music and comedy are a great combination and you're a terrific performer. We had a very enjoyable evening. Thank you, Cliff.
I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding time you gave us at the ACS Survivor dinner at pebblewood tonight. It was great to be able to forget everything but the good music and wacky jokes. Thanks
Hey Cliff. Been a long time. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward seeing you soon.
Nice talking with you today Cliff! Look forward to meeting you.Dan
So cool to hear that you are still making music!Use to listen to you in Sarnia,Port Huron. I use to work at the Oak's Inn years ago and get up and sing with you. LOTS OF FUN!!! I now live in the T.O. area now. Do you ever play in this area(even Guelph,Kitchener ect.)Would love to hear you again. Take care Leslie
Hey Cliff! How u been? Happy New Year. We miss u on the East Side, we will try and get out to c u soon.
Ya Victoria ... another vote for you to come out here !! I remember you from the 70's at the Village Inn in Sarnia .... would LOVE to be in your audience again ....
Saw your picture with Ringo and remembered one of the first times we spoke, you recalled my story of him in Mexico City. I pray you are well...God Bless, Cindy
Just found your site, brings back great memories. After reading most of the comments I think I go back the furthest, 1976-77 Red Fox Tavern, Pt. Huron, and then YOU followed me to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont (kidding). Would love to see you out west (Victoria)? if you ever come this way. You look and sound excellent. Still a fan. Thanks Cliff!
Happy New Year! I like the looks of the web page. I am sorry to see you are not local to Shelby for a while. We will see you in the future. Marg & Dave
HI CLIFF; Thanks so much for preforming at our family Christmas party yesterday at HOLLY MEADOWS in Capac. Everyone had a blast, the kids are still talking about it today. I will keep in contact. JEFF
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year..I still think you sing O Holy Night better than anyone...even when you sing it in July..in London...
Maybe we should just stick to one song. Turn the page is fun!
Hey Cliff! it was great singing with you last sunday at Gus O Conners! I just found your website! Love all the Pictures! See you again this Sun at Gus's.
Hi Cliff! It was great to finally meet and hear you last night! And thank you for sharing your stage with me and for mentioning the open mic. I'll do the same for you on Tuesday nights. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more of you! Peace, Rachael
Hi Cliff, I was surfing my way and I thought "What's become of the musicians that I knew in the past?" Apparently you are performing and I feel, great as ever. I like your website, it's not cluttered and is very good looking. I'm living in Texas now but if I ever get up to Michigan I would like to to check your act out. Joe Rosochacki The guitarist from Borkowski and Rosochacki (B&R)
Hi, Cliff I want to thank you for all you do to bring joy to others, and I can't wait until you play windsor again, because as soon as you do, I will be there to sing our song with you. I am doing well and really miss your shows thank you again for your CD's, and I love your Christmas one, take care, your long time friend, susie remember I am the blind girl you met back in 91
Hey Cliff, Just saw that you played at the BAL. Hope my cousins (David & June Weiss & Co.) didn,t get too roudy. Haven,t seen you since I gave you and your buds a few pointers on curling at the SGCC. Never did get to have you play at the club. Too bad for the club. I am living in Calgary Alberta now. Do you ever wonder out this way. Sure would like to hear you play again. We should hook up on facebook
Great time last night...thanks again...you're the best!
Hi Cliff!! Doubtful you'll remember me from way back when but...early 90's - +I was a union organizer, staying in Sarnia with my working partner Yvonne? We used to come down to the lounge every night you were there! It was a blast! So happy to see that your career has exploded and you're doing well!! Nice pix by they way - the years have been good to you. And I could NOT believe the pic of you and your daughter...I remember when that song was released (I still have the cd)..where does the time go?!? Anyway - hope this finds you and your family well...Take care - God Bless ya real good Lynne
I am 49 yo today, first listened to you when I was 19, Myself and Sharon Heeney, came to see you in sarnia almost every weekend. Hope you will be playing at my mom and uncles golfcourse in Capac after first of year. I will be there take care cliff
Came home to Purt Huron for my cousin Jenny Beach's wedding and we all came and saw you at Quay Street Brewery. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. You had my brother Kyle sing with you and my cousin Jared sing too! The trip from Florida's warm weather to the snow of Port Huron was definitely worth it! I would love to see you perform again soon. Thanks for the great entertainment!!! Amy Beach (daughter of Terry and Carol Beach)
Great show last Saturday!!!Can't wait to head back up to Four Green Fields to catch another. CHEERS!
Saw you for the first time last Saturday night at Four Green Fields and loved every minute of your performance! Your humor, voice and song selection made for a perfect evening. Keep it up! My brother is a singer, too...Jeff Scott. You may know him...he frequents Four Green Fields to hear you.
Hi Cliff, Just checkin out your website...looks great..I really enjoy your music..Deep in my heart is such a beautiful song...nice work.
Neat website, Cliff! I enjoyed your album and writing. Am looking forward to hearing more...
Experienced your show at the Union in Kzoo on Friday. What a great time!! You are a special performer and we look forward to you coming back this way in January. The site looks great.
Hi Cliff, great web-site!!! You added a woderful dimension to the preforming arts that Kincardine Ontario always enjoys. Whenever I have to visit the Kincardine hospital for any reason, I'll think warmly of your October 24, 2008 performance that helped contribute to the success of our community volunteers fundraising initiatives. Come back to Kincardine often Cliff and make sure that you stop by the Pine River Cheese factory for more of those delicious cheese curds.(squeak-squeak) p.s Lolita (aka my wife Sharon says hi!) Neil
hi there, your new website is great! do you like it? i hope you are doing well-i really miss you...
Always attended your shows at the Universtiy of Western Ontario in the mid 80's at the "Elbow". Looking forward to seeing you again in Kincardine, Ontario on Oct 25.
There was a group of us that used to go and see Cliff at old Village Inn in Sarnia - (25 years ago). We have tried to make it over to the states to see him - but trying to get us all free the same night has been hard - hope he comes back for a date in Sarnia SOON !!!
Haven't seen you in a ton of years... since you played a school food service convention in Lansing... since we live 1/2way between GR and Kazoo, hope to catch you in November at the Union in KZ.
I was in Novi, Michigan the past few days for business and ended up in Gus O'Connors Pub ... I wish I had have been there on a Sunday to see you play. When I attended McMaster University in 1984 - you sang at the "Rathskeller (aka The Rat) and I watched your matinee with my girls - then you pulled my roommate and I up on the stage that packed night to sing Crocodile Rock with you! Heehee - and I thought NOBODY would recognize me the next day!! Good times - and good memories! You're obvioulsy still doing something right - good on ya! :)
Hey Cliff great concert labour day weekend at the KOA in port huron i was there Good job! Jeremy
You Rock Cliff!!!! Keep up the great work.
Cliff, Adam and I met and talked with you at the Union. Great show, it was nice meeting with you.
Hope your wife is doing well. Can't wait to have you at our Hello Gorgeous! Fundraiser in South Bend. We are gearing everyone up for it!! Have a Gorgeous day!
we have loved cliff for 30 years keep singing.
Great show at the Lodge last night.
Hi Cliff, I was hoping to see you at Alisa's 50th. I miss you. As soon as the boats are put away, we're visiting you at 4GF. Enjoy your summer. Hope all is well with your family.
I agree with " Donnie ". Let's see a picture of you & your roadie, Jim McGee. I hear a lot about you from him and it's all good. Let's give him honorable mention.Loved your pictures with the stars.
Love the new site looks awesome just like you, don't you ever age.
Put up a picture of you with Jimmy aka Roadie He is a part of your show
Maybe August 15th at the L in the S in practically the backyard of my H. LOL!
Hey Cliff! You were great last night at Gus O'Connors! We'll all see you again soon!
Cliff - Love the new web layout. Gus O's was fun on Sun., thanks for inviting us to join your friends. Hope we see you again soon.
Great New page Cliffy
Hey!!! I use to see you all the time. Sundays about 13 years ago i use to come and sing with you at Fiddles. you made me learn the song "Zombie" by the Cranberries and i thank you for that because When i sing now it has become my favorite. I will hopefully be seeing you on Wed. soon. Cant wait to hear you sing again. Colleen
Cliff- Great to see you last night at Freedom Hill. Thank you SO MUCH for all you did, we had an AMAZING time watching Wynonna. You and Bill are great! We are planning a girl's night to come see you soon. Thanks again!!
Enjoyed your show on Thursday at Meadowbrook!!!
and away we go! LOL
cliff---how are you? Joe Prevost----I've been writing some cool sh t------you gotta hear it
"Pump it up Cliff !" Going to stop by and see you at Four Green Fields tomorrow night. It has been a while.....
Dear CLiff: Your photo gallery shows very impressive networking over the years. I was reminiscing about the early 80's watching you play at Sacs Pub at the U of Windsor. I was there when Harry Chapin played - an unforgettable night!! I was part of the gang that presented you with the Van Gogh print of Starry Night - one of our favourite songs back then. Regards, Laurie
Good guy!
Good stuff, very nicely done.
Enjoyed your opening act for Three Dog Night on 3/1/08. My wife and I were sitting at a front row table, right below your feet.
Gret Show on Tuesday night! We really enjoyed it! Cant wait until you come back to Clarkston!
The only thing your performance at the Union last night was lacking was "Hungry Eyes." Maybe you can learn it for next time.
Glad we hooked up again it only took us 20 + yrs. lol,had alot of good times in Sarnia. Hopefully you'll play soon near me
i can see clearly now!!!
We miss you in Leamington. Do you think you will play here again?
Great show 2 weeks ago at the Moose in Wallaceburg. We always enjoy your performance.
Always look forward to a great show.
Cliff-Just checking out the website and the myspace page. Very cool! We might try to catch a show but just wanted to say hi and see you soon.
Hey Cliff, I'm here with Reese Sein and we thought we should all get together soon. Email me and we'll hook up for a beer. (or two). Denny
Cliff I can remember seeing you in Windsor at Berringers we were a rowdy bunch and my guide dog was always with me. I also remember seeing you in Michigan. Loved hearing you sing and play the guitar and of course singing with you! Loved hearing about your children! I live in Toronto now but do get home to Windsor so will have to cross the border and see you sometime! Say hi you are missed I can still hear you sing See You Later Good-Bye!
Great show last night! We really had a good time & really liked the venue! See you soon. Bob & Jenn
Had a great time last Sat. nite (9/8). But we always have fun when we see you!!! How is the grandchild. Thanks again Robin & Kenny
Yea, glad to hear you are coming back to the eastside. It has been too long. Remember you from(yikes...can't remember the name before andiamo's) We were there often
It was great seeing you last winter in Sarnia at the Union Hall one Sunday afternoon. It sure would be wonderful for you to come to Sarnia for more engagements! It is always good chatting with you . Still remember the fun times at the Guildwood!!!! Yeah!!!!!


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